Patrick Hajayandi

Senior Project Leader for the Great Lakes Region of Africa, IJR

Patrick Hajayandi is the Senior Project Leader for the Great Lakes Region of Africa, at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. The Great Lakes Region project contributes towards developing young people’s leadership and ownership for peacebuildin processes in a context of regional reconciliation. His publications focus on conflict transformation, peacebuilding, electoral processes and transitional justice. Patrick holds a M.A Degree in Political Science from Rostov University in Russia. He has worked as a lecturer at the National School Administration in Bujumbura, Burundi, and as a consultant and researcher for Transitional Demobilisation and Researcher for  the Transitional Demobilisation and Reintegration Program at the World Bank.

Patrick has published the following books, chapters and articles:

  1. Hajayandi P. (ed.), 2017, Reconciliation Regionale: Defis et Opportunites dans la Region des Grands Lacs. The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation Publications. 
  2. Hajayandi P. (ed.) (2016), Dreaming of Peace and Cohesion in the Great Lakes Region. The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. 
  3. Hajayandi P. (2016), The Burundi political crisis: Strategies for resisting the war entrepreneurs, Policy Brief No 19, IJR. 
  4. Hajayandi, P. (2015), Negotiations and power sharing arrangements in Burundi’s Peace Process: Achievements and challenges in Negotiating in times of conflict, editors: Gilead Sher and Anat Kurz, INSS. pp.141-154. 
  5. Ryabtsev V.N. & Hajayandi P. (2010). The battle between China and USA for Africa: Targeting Darfur (published at the Russian Science Academy of Science Journal INION/EU Actual Problems. Vol.4. Moscow, 2010 (pp.158-204). Co-author with Dr. Ryabtsev V.N.) 
  6. The Mediation in Ethnic conflicts: Criteria of efficiency (2008). Editors: Baranova P.P.; Belyaeva C.O; Pratsko G.C., (Article published in Russian in Social Order, Rostov Law Institute, and Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation. (Contribution to a book on social issues). Rostov-on-Don, Southern Federal University Press,pp. 242-246
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