Welcome to the Pan-African Reconciliation Network (PAREN)

The IJR Pan-African Reconciliation Network (PAREN) seeks to reinvigorate existing partnerships and collaboration with practitioners, analysts and organisations working on transitional justice, peacebuilding and reconciliation interventions across the African continent, as well as around the world. PAREN supports the work of governments, inter-governmental organisations and civil society actors, in implementing the provisions of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP), through research, analysis, training, awareness raising and stakeholder consultations.

Convenor: Prof. Tim Murithi, IJR Head of Peacebuilding Interventions Programme | tmurithi@ijr.org.za | 021 202 4071
Coordinator: Anthea Flink, IJR Project Leader, Peacebuilding Interventions Programme | aflink@ijr.org.za | 021 202 4071
General enquiries: pareninfo@ijr.org.za

About us

Building fair, democratic and inclusive societies in Africa and around the world.

Promote and shape national reconciliation processes in Africa and around the world.

The Pan-African Reconciliation Network (PAREN), is an African-led initiative of the Peacebuilding Interventions Programme at the  Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), based in Cape Town, South Africa.

PAREN’s objective is to create and maintain an international platform for practitioners, policy makers, analysts and researchers to dialogue, exchange views, analysis, advice, and publications relating to the challenge of promoting reconciliation.

Specific Aims

To mobilise and strengthen the technical ability of societal actors, national, regional and global institutions to promote issue of reconciliation around the world

Encourage the adoption of national reconciliation strategies to promote inclusive and free societies

Facilitate the exchange of analysis and advice on reconciliation processes through its website, social media, print and broadcast media, opinion articles and academic research

Develop a database and enable the identification of practitioners who can travel to assist societies and countries undergoing reconciliation processes.