Amel A. Aldehaib Elradi

Researcher and an activist

Amel A. Aldehaib Elradi is a researcher and an activist. Over the last fifteen years she has worked and volunteered with different national civil society and international development/Human Rights organizations in her home country Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Liberia, Jordan and Yemen. Her work and activism are mainly around areas of social justice, human rights, peace and conflict studies and international development. Amel has a Ph.D. in Social Justice Studies, the University of British Columbia, Canada, M.A. in Gender and Peace Building, the University for Peace- Costa Rica, and B.A. and Postgraduate Diploma in Economics and Development Planning, Sudan. Amel is a fellow and Scholar at Liu Institute for Global Issues – UBC, Canada and the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, Cape Town, South Africa. Ms. Elradi published an online book “Customary Law and Women's Rights in a Changing World: The case of Southern Sudan” (2013), several articles and research papers, including “Sudan’s “Comprehensive Peace Agreement viewed through the eyes of the women of Southern Sudan” and Channels of Change in South Sudan: Youth civil society organisations and critical empathy in nation-building’. Her work has also been published by IJR.

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